Dental implantology is an intervention consisting in inserting a titanium screw into the jaw or mandibular bone, replacing the natural root of the tooth. This is an intervention that can be performed in a strategic position in the patient’s mouth, closing spaces, harmonizing the natural teeth and creating an optimal aesthetic.

Fixed or semi-fixed prostheses can be made by using high quality materials such as titanium and resin.

Type of interventionPrice
Titanium Dental Implant. Price includes Moncone and Healing screw€ 550
Great maxillary sinus elevation including membrane + high quality biocompatible material€ 890
Total fixed prosthesis (12/14 metal-ceramic alloy elements)€ 80
8/10 Titanium Installations€ 495
Provisional Prosthesis€ 230
Semi-fixed resin denture (overdenture)€ 790
3/4 Titanium Systems (per arc): 1 plant 520 € (discounted price of 5%)€ 520
Simple Metal-Ceramic Crown€ 95
Ceramic-Zirconia Crown built with CAD-CAM Computer System€ 150
Provisional Crown in Armored Resin€ 15
Bone Increase x 1€ 290

List prices will be discounted according to the type of work that will be performed for the patient. For a free quote, you will need to submit a DENTAL X-RAY, which has to be clear and up-to-date so that we can be precise about the price and any discount that will be applied.