The conservative dentistry is the science that deals with taking care of the teeth who are affected by cariotic processes, the procedures for the elimination of caries and those related to the closure of cavities resulting from the elimination of enamel and dentin cariata. Our clinic performs composite obturation, tooth reconstruction, devitalization and inlay/onlay services using only certified and high quality materials.

Dental & Beauty will be able to offer you a personalized service, advising you, after a careful analysis of the mouth of the patient, the most appropriate therapies and methodologies.

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Type of interventPrice
Composite, aesthetic filling€ 35
Dental Rebuilding with Glass Fiber-Pin€ 75
Devitalization and Therapy Canal in a Monoradic / Biradiculate / Triangular Teeth€ 55
Inlay/onlay€ 100

List prices will be discounted according to the type of work that will be performed for the patient. For a free quote, you will need to submit a DENTAL X-RAY, which has to be clear and up-to-date so that we can be precise about the price and any discount that will be applied.