Hair Transplantation

  2190 € 

If you are looking for the “ultimate solution to the loss of your hair”, in Albania, we at Dental & Beauty are offering our hair transplantation service at our clinic in Tirana.

Our transplantation clinic, leaders in Albania and the Balkans in anti-baldness treatments, is at the cutting edge of the trichological sector and meets all the necessary sanitary hygiene standards.

The doctors who will handle the transplant are all medics with international specializations and leading figures in the application of the innovative method of transplantation F.U.E.(Follicular Extraction Unit).

Dental & Beauty performs more than 100 anti-baldness transplants every month with this modern and non-invasive technique, always getting the best results and efficiency in this service.

An almost 20-year experience in the best center of the Balkans, specializing in the F.U.E. (Folicular Extractor Unit) technique, painless, non-invasive and absolutely safe.

Professional surgeons with a young staff and state-of-the-art technology distinguishes our Therapeutic Center.

Our surgeons have been working in the field of trichology for over 15 years, and thanks to their international experience and high profile studies, they provide a great result at an ABSOLUTELY UNBEATABLE PRICE that can be found in Italy.

The difference between F.U.E. (Follicular Unit Extraction) and F.U.T. or STRIP (Folicular Unit Transplantation):

The main feature of a well-performed hair transplant is that of achieving a natural attachment and correct hair density without any signs of the intervention. The technical progress and improvements of the last decades have contributed significantly to achieving the complete naturalness of the interventions.

The main difference between F.U.E. and F.U.T., is in the follicular unit extraction process, and in our clinic in Tirana we offer only interventions with F.U.E. not invasive.

The main difference between F.U.E. and F.U.T. or STRIP is in the follicular unit exraction process. In F.U.T. a scalp is extracted,
which contains the capillary follicles that are subsequently extracted. With F.U.E. the individual follicular units are extracted directly from the scalp.

Difference betweenF.U.T. (STRIP)F.U.E.
Executable in clinicNoYes
Scapel usageYesNo
BleedingYesA little
What happens in the donor areaRemoval of a strip of scalpGrafted grafts by using a “pen” with a diameter of 1mm
Graft characteristicsSection of the strip with grafts, causes a high desctruction of the folliclesGrafts deposited in special containers and subsequently implanted
Implanter diameter for graftingfrom 0.8 to 1.2 mmfrom 0.65 to 1.2 mm
ScarsLinear scars 10/20 cm long and 1/2 cm highVery tiny and diffused point-of-sigh scars that are not visible
Damaged follicular units during export8/20%7/16%
Donor area healing timefrom 1 to 2 monthsfrom 10 to 12 days
Receving area healing timefrom 12 to 15 daysfrom 10 to 14 days
Final resultDifficultGood results
Back to sportfrom 1 to 2 months30 days minimum
Back to workfrom 1 to 3 weeksImmediate
Permanent pain?Rare but possibleNo
Post procedural pain?Medium/strong density even during the subsequent daysSome annoyance during the first week
Hair length after the procedureLong or otherwise the scars would be visible, with wet hair the scar are visibleAccording to the patient’s tastes, a minimum length of 5mm is recommended to avoid any scars
Shaving in the donating areaAlmost alwaysAvoidable but not recommended for poor aesthetic results
Fatigue and surgical stress based on the number of grafts to be transplanted and the final resultReduced fatigue against numerous grafts, unsatisfactory resultHigh fatigue against a number of average grafts, good aesthetic results
Recommended for repairs from previous autograftsNo, only in very rare cases but with little successYes, with good results
Warranty after the successful procedureNoYes


Before the treatment with the PRP method it’s possible to use the FUE method with the PRP. The PRP method uses the “suspended cells” contained in the patient’s blood. Despite its apparent homogeneity, the blood is composed of “suspended cells” in a liquid called plasma. The “suspended cells” are identified in the red blood cell, white blood cells and platelets, while plasma is a slightly alkaline (pH > 7) fluid, with yellowish-yellow color, consisting mainly of water (90%) and substances such as ions, sugars, hormones, proteins and mineral salts. Years of studies have lead to the conclusion that platelets have a role that goes beyond their best-known function in the hemostasis phenomena; In fact, combined with growth factors, they play a protagonist role in the regenerative and repairing process. So you have the opportunity to use this new technology, called PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma), which finds applications in a wide range of medical and aesthetic areas for chronic surgery in order to obtain the PRP, it is first necessary to carry out a common venous blood sampling (20-30 cc) which will then be transferred to sterile tubes. Subsequently and after appropriate treatments, the test tubes should be placed in a laboratory centrifuge and get centrifuged. At the end of the centrifugation, the PRP is taken with a sterile syringe, paying close attention to not also aspirating the white blood cells (particularly granulocytes) immediately sedimented in the tube and then injected into the skin.
Studies in the human epidermis show the presence of a niche of stem cells in the hair follicle and therefore in the air. These stem cells are capable of generating hair progenitor cells migrating to the hair matrix, allowing the formation of multiple cell types present in the hair.
This is how to form strong and healthy hair. Recent studies have also shown that numerous baldness cases are due to a quescent phase of these stem cells of the hair follicles, since in this “dormant” state, stem cells do not proliferate at the same rate, causing a progressive reduction in hair growth, up to a total stop. And it’s here where the PRP plays a key role since platelet growth factors, among multiple effects, are the most powerful stem cell activators. So since stem cells in quiescence are only “asleep”, PRP produces the right stimulus to awaken them! The PRP treatment has no contraindications, since the platelet gel comes from the patient’s blood centrifugation. In addition,
since it is a blood sampling of the patient, there is no risk of immune reaction, contraindication or rejection. There are many testimonies of patients who after a cure cycle with platelet-rich plasma (PRP) could show a tangible increase in the strength of their hari or an improvement in their own skin.

Dental & Beauty offers you two PRP treatments (one prior and one during surgery) at a super promotional total price of € 250.

In order to make a personalized estimate and determine the degree of traction score for each patient, you need to send us 5 head projections as pictured above, and especially the donor area (the neck).


1° DAY : Departure from Italy (one of the airports with direct flights to Tirana) and arrival at Mother Teresa airport of the Albanian capital. The transfer, accompanied by our guide that speaks italian (a guide that will be available to our guests throughout their stay), at one of our 3*S partner hotels and a single or double room accommodation. Depending on the time of arrival, there is a small tour in the center of Tirana, in the Blloku neighborhood, with lunch and/or dinner depending on the arrival time from Italy, in the hotel or some restaurants in the center and then not at late evening the return at the hotel.

2° DAY : After the overnight stay and breakfast (an abundant breakfast is recommended, followed by the time of stay in the clinic), at 7.30 am in the morning transfer to our tricological clinic. Upon arrival to the clinic, all preliminary checks and analyses for the hair transplantation (about 20 minutes per patient). After this first phase, the hair transplantation will be carried out with the F.U.E. method. The procedure may take several hours,
however, from a minimum of 4 hours to a maximum of 8 hours, depending mainly on the number of follicular units (bulbs) to be extracted and implanted. At the conclusion of the intervention you will come back to the hotel because, after the transplant, it is advisable to have a decent rest for a few hours, so depending on the time, then the dinner in the hotel and the overnight sleep.

3° DAY : Wake up in the morning around 9.00 and then breakfast. So at 10.00 am the tour of the city with a visit to the major squares and monuments of Tirana. 13.30 pm typical lunch at a restaurant in the center. After lunch our guests will be free to return to the hotel or to continue their tour of the city. In the afternoon at 6.30 pm a walk around the Artificial Lake within the Great Park of Tirana. At 8.30 pm dinner in another typical restaurant, always in the area of the Blloku district. Following is a characteristic tour of the city’s most frequented bars. Then we return back to the hotel for the overnight stay.

4° DAY : Wake up in the morning and then the breakfast, depending on the flight time or return flights in Italy. Therefore the transfer, depending on the timetable, at Mother Teresa airport in Tirana for the departure and the return to Italy.

Dental & Beauty also performs the TRANSPLANTATION OF THE EYEBROWS. The eyebrows have a very important aesthetic function: they define the contours of the face and exalt the eyes.
Unfortunately, the eyebrows tend to decrease over time. With the transplant you can return to having sharp eyebrows and outlined to the frame of your face.

The cost of this procedure is: € 1500.