10 December 1996 Degree in Medicine and Surgery at the University of Rome “La Sapienza”. Graduation thesis:  “Genius Hernia: traditional techniques in comparison with tension-free techniques”.

26 June 1996 Medical board qualifying exam.

6 August 1997 Signed up for the Albo de Medici Surgeons and Dentists, location Albo M48062.

2000 – 2002 Specialization course in Aesthetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery at the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro, under the direction of Prof. Ivo Pitanguy. Specialization thesis: “Suspencao do supercilio com mononylon 5.0”.


2014 CTU of the Civil Court of Rome for Plastic Surgery.

2000 – 2002 “Geral Hospital of Santa Casa da Misericordia” in Rio de Janeiro.

2000 “Hospital do Andarai”, Department of Plastic Surgery of the Great Performers, Rio de Janeiro.

2001 “Hospital do Cancer” (INCA), Department of Plastic Reconstructive Surgery for Oncology, RIo de Janeiro.

2001 Ivo Pitanguy clinic, Rio de Janeiro.

2001 “Hospital Servidores”, Department of Microsurgery, Rio de Janeiro.

1995 – 1997 Trainee at the “S. Eugenio” Hospital in Rome, Department of Urgency Surgery. Prof. R. Porzio and at the Hospital “Fatebenefratelli Calabita Isola Tiberina”, Department of Surgery.

1997 Assistant of Prof. M. Gasparotti, Professor of Aesthetic Surgery at Tor Vergata University, at the VIlla Salaria clinic in Rome.

2004-2014 He collaborated with Prof. G. B. Massi, professor of Clinical Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of Florence and with Dr. Piero Antonio Angelucci, Fatebenefratelli hospital manager, S. Calabita, Tiberina Island, in breast pathology include surgical procedures requiring a demolition phase and consequent immediate or delayed reconstruction and aesthetic correction of blemishes often after pregnancy (breast implantation, breast hypertrophy or breast hypotrophy).

Membership in International Surgical Associations:

  • Effective member of the Ex-Alunni Ivo Pitaguy (AexPi) association;
  • Founding member of the European Association of Surgical Professionals Prof. Ivo Pitanguy (ACEIP);
  • Founding member of the European Academy of Plastic Surgery (EAPS).

2009 – 2012 EAPS-ACEIP General Secretary.

2012-2013 ACEIP Vice President.

1999 XX° National Congress of the Italian Society of Aesthetic Medicine.

1999  XII° International Congress on Aesthetic Medicine, Rio de Janeiro.

28° National COngress of the Italian Society of Aesthetic Medicine.

3° Workshop Teorico-Pratico.

2001 Pro-Oftalmo Ocular Microsurgery clinic, Rio de Janeiro.

XX° Carioca Day of Plastic Surgery and the ISAPS Carioca Course.

2001 3° Brazilian Congress of Video-Endoscopic Plastic Surgery, Rio de Janeiro.

4° Congress of Videoendoscopic Plastic Surgery, Rio de Janeiro.

2003 Carioca Day of Plastic Surgery, Rio de Janeiro.

2005 American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery( ASAPS ) Meeting, New Orleans, Louisiana, UEA.

2005 54° National COngress of the Italian Society of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery.

2006 First Aceip and EAPS-ACEIP Congress, Dr. Sandro Cerqua ” Plastic surgery of the nose “, Athens, Greece.

2006 The Athens Conference of EAPS-ACEIP and 55 World Congress of Cidesco International Round Table of Plastic Surgery, Athens, Greece.

2006 Orthodontics and face aesthetics, Rome.

2007 Future directions in Plastic Surgery,EMMA European Masters in Aesthetic and Anti-aging Medicine, Paris.

2007 XXVI° Carioca Day of Plastic Surgery, Cervical Ritidoplasty, Rio de Janeiro.

2007 Evolution of Face Lifting Techniques, Sao Paulo.

2006 Sience et Beautè, I°Conference mediterranée, Dr.Sandro Cerqua “ Facial Plastic Surgery” Hotel The Residence,Cotes de Cartage-Tunis.

2007 IX° Rhino International, Rio de Janeiro.

2007 44° Brazilian Congress of Plastic Surgery.

2007 Experience with polyurethane prostheses, Chilean Congress of Plastic Surgery, Santiago.

2008 45° Brazilian COngress of Plastic Surgery, Brasilia.

2011 Brazilian Congress of Plastic Surgery, Goiania.

2012 American Brasilian Meeting, Florianopolis.

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