1982 – 1987 Ege University, Dentistry Faculty, Izmir.


1987 – 1989   Dentist, Military hospital, Murat Reis Mh. 35280 Konak – Konak / İzmir.

1989 – 2012  Dentist, ImplantologGunes Klinik / Karsiyaka – Izmir.

2014 – still   Dental & Beauty, Rr. Don Bosko, Tirane, Albania.

June – August 1987 Ege University – Degree of specialization in the field of Scan-Röntgen. Izmir – Turkey.

June 2007 TDB-International Congress held by the Turkish Dentist’s Chamber of Turkey.

October 2009 Participant at the Internation Congress of the Albanian Dentistry, Faculty of Medicine / Department of Dentistry – University of Tirana – Albania.

May 2010 Participation in a Professional Seminar from the Health Research Center / Center for Health Research – Prizren/Kosovo.

September 2010-2015 Licensing of Occupational Exercise of the Dentist Profession by the Ministry of Health, Order of Physician – Tirana / Albania.

June 2012 Participant at the Sixth Symposium of Tirana Regional Health Authority, with the topic “Improving the image of the Public Dental Service” Tirana/Albania.

28-31 August FDI 101 Annual WOrld Dental Congress Istanbul – Turkey Bridging Continents for Global Oral Health.

December 2013 Participant at the International Congress of the Oro Maxillo Faciale Surgery Service with the theme “oro Maxillo Faciale Surgery in the last decades and challenges for the future”.

25,26 April – 2,3,9 May 2015 Certificate of Participation in the Ministry of Health – Civil Emergencies “The Rights and Obligations of Physicians and Patients”, Legal Right, Medic Rights, Human Rights, Patients Obligations, Medic Obligations, etc.

May 2015 Participation at TDB, International Congress of Dentists, Turkish Chamber of Dentists.

September 2015-2020 License to exercise the dentist profession by the MInistry of Health, Order of Dentists Albania – Tirana/Albania.

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