May 1983 Graduated in Medicine and Surgery II Faculty of Naples.

July 1991 Specialized in General Surgery II Faculty of Medicine Director Prof. Zannini.

1989 Specialized in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery at the Carlos Chagas Institute of Rio de Janeiro directed by Professor Ivo Pitanguy.


1983-1987 Substitute doctor in the Mercantile Italian Marine.

April 1985- May 1985 Chief surgeon in the ship Achille Lauro.

April 1986 – 5 May 1986 Chief surgeon in the ship Achille Lauro.

February 1985- February 1987 General surgery assistant in Eboli hospital.

1987 Free Professional Responsible for the clinical Aesthetic and Clinical Plastic Surgery Department in Sale Salus Battipaglia Clinic – Venosa Battipaglia Clinic – Ruggiero Cava dei Tirreni Clinic – Embryos Battipaglia Center.

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