The Dental & Beauty Clinic specializes in various surgical techniques such as the extraction of simple teeth or roots; Complex extraction of the tooth or  root; Apicectomy, ie removal of the tip of the tooth root because of inflammatory problems; Periodontal treatments and many others. All oral surgery is performed with the help of the various anesthesiological techniques provided by the clinic.

The use of absolutely innovative medical equipment enables us to perform high quality surgical operations with long lasting results.

Type of interventionPrice
Simple tooth or root extraction€ 15
Apicectomy€ 150
Tooth surgical extractionI class €50
II class €90
III class €150
Periodontal treatment€ 50/session
Tartar ablation€ 30
Whitening€ 120
X-Ray€ 25

List prices will be discounted according to the type of work that will be performed for the patient. For a free quote, you will need to submit a DENTAL X-RAY, which has to be clear and up-to-date so that we can be precise about the price and any discount that will be applied.