Cosmetic Surgery

Dental & Beauty is equipped with a highly specialized staff  of aesthetic surgeons that will help you get the beauty you’ve always hoped for.

Our interventions aim to give your body the harmony and freshness you have always been looking for. The team is made of experienced, internationally qualified doctors who only use certified and high quality materials. We are familiar with the best surgical techniques to give the patient an optimal result. For Dental & Beauty, taking care of the patient is the most important aspect, we follow each step of the surgical path, from the booking of the first visit, to the discharge up to the postoperative control.
The interventions are carried out by Italian doctors who have gained experience in different countries of the world, which is why they are able to assure you the best result in compliance with all the safety and quality standards of the used materials.

The operations performed by Dental & Beauty can be subdivided into Aesthetic Surgery of the Face and Body Aesthetic Surgery. The first concerns all interventions aimed at rejuvenating and delineating face, neck and decollete. Facial flaws can be different, but every imperfection can be treated by using the modern aesthetic surgery techniques. In the second case we find interventions for the whole body like breast augmentation and liposuction.


Facial Cosmetic Surgery


Body Cosmetic Surgery